How beautiful employees please their young bosses

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    Alexis Fawx is a MILF boss and also Lulu Chu's new stepmom. When introducing her new boyfriend, Oliver Davis, Lulu told him about Alexis's extreme ways. Oliver is not threatened. It will take more than a stepmother to drive him away. Oliver found Alexis in her office, naked, and within a minute his pants were off. She informed him that anyone trying to make love under her roof would have to go through her first. Oliver couldn't tell if it was a test or not, but his cock was hard and ready for her to thoroughly examine. Lulu became suspicious and as she searched for her man, Alexis told her exactly where he was; under the tongue training table. Alexis explains that she expects nothing less than perfection, especially when it comes to sex, and this threesome is their chance to learn from the best.
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